Tenor/Bass Rehearsal Notes

Tenor/Bass notes for 9-9-21

Tenors present: Steve Carnahan, Colin Vail, Tony Taiani, John Howard, Dick Wagner, Brian Pfohl, Jonathan Mitschele, Rick O’Brien

Basses present: Woody Trask, Jon Whitmore, Rick Rau, David Blocher, Carl Steidel

Welcome to Rick Nickerson

Still, still, still – effect of snowfall at start, soft STILL not STEEL, round OO, create arc with destination, p6 strong bass at section C.

First Noel – Men start, p9 tenors only joined by SA, m84 longer break, dynamics.

Gloria (Trotta) – m79 bass printing error on beat 2, careful Latin pronunciation, GLO/RIA, vertical A, no dipthong in DEO, careful release of S, m39 tenors double bass for two measures, m19 tenors only, prepare for page turns by writing first note and word on previous page.

Many Moods of Christmas – p21 change hum to OO, p15 slower, p25 the French text starts – Connie Hitchcock is working on audio tracks for pronunciation.

Tenor/Bass notes for 9-16-21

Tenors present; Steve Carnahan, Jonathan Mitschele, Brian Pfohl, John Howard, Colin Vail, (Rick O’Brien – excused)

Basses: Cal Wilson, Woody Trask, Dillon Bates, Jon Whitmore, Carl Steidel, (Rick Rau – excused)

Reminder that dues for the year are payable to Maine Music Society, $50 individual and $80 couples, and will be collected by Woody Trask.

Dixit Maria (Hassler) – m18 add fermata, shape every line

Blow blow the winter wind (John Rutter) – sec 28 start building through second line, dynamics, sec 29 T/B have melody

Gloria (Trotta) – put break into GLO DIA, m13 cresc on SIS, middle section m39-59 is Romantic – watch all those hairpins (cresc/decresc) and shape each line

Many moods of Christmas – p8 accent every note of this very familiar melody, observe dynamics, OK to drop tied eighths before a run

Still still still – in final measure close to M when directed

First Noel – shape lines and watch dynamics