Soprano Rehearsal Notes

Soprano notes for 9-9-21

We got to sing together!  
  1. Still,still,still.  Hush the word hushed.  
  2. First Noel. Rick talked about Christmas being special for traditions, stories, and melodies that bring us joy.
  3. Gloria. The divisi at m. 11+ is going to be for soprano 2.  Feel the off beat in this piece.  Always use tall A sound when singing.  Sing with power!  
  4. Many moods of Christmas.  6/8 time and 3/8 onpage 15. 
We sang through all pieces.  Every word needs the same attention to soound quality.  If you are an alto please let me know so I won’t keep sending you notes you don’t need. Great job everyone, see you at practice.
Sheryl Whitmore.