Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a good used tuxedo?

There are several used clothing stores in Portland and occasionally you’ll find tuxes there.  Or sometimes you’ll find what you want at Goodwill.

How do I get to the Gendron Franco Center?

The address of GFC is 46 Cedar Street, Lewiston. 46 Cedar St, Lewis ton, ME 04240

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I have heard that we shouldn’t wear perfume or cologne or scented hair spray for concerts.  Why is that?

Many people are allergic or sensitive to perfumes, making them cough and sneeze or causing difficulty breathing.  Especially during concerts we all want to be able to breathe as well as possible.

What do I do if I have to miss a rehearsal?

You should contact your section leader and Dr. Nickerson, either by phone or by email, at least a couple hours before the rehearsal.  This helps Rick plan our rehearsals.

What time are rehearsals and where?

Rehearsals are Thursday evening, 6:45 to 9:00 pm, at the High Street Congregational Church, 106 Pleasant St, Auburn.  See your printed rehearsal schedule for details.

Occasionally we will have an extra rehearsal on a different day or evening. Rick will announce that time and location.

I would like to volunteer to help on one the Chorale’s committees. What jobs need to be done and how do I get started?

Volunteer jobs that need to be done include:

  • Clip and file ads, articles, announcements, etc. from newspapers; send links to our webmaster for posting to our website.
  • Help set up and strike risers at our concerts; decorating for special concerts
  • Recording audio
  • Librarian: filing music and other materials at our storage location
  • Creating name tags for singers
  • Section leaders: taking notes at rehearsals and disseminating same to your section singers
  • Dues and music accounting
  • Refreshments organizer
  • Thank you calls to donors: script provided.

To get started, just talk to Susan Trask or Connie Hitchcock and tell them what you’d like to do.  We welcome your help.

You can make suggestions about what should be included here.  Let Connie know.  Please use “MMS” in subject line.