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2014 Spring Rehearsal Tracks

S1  S2  A  soloBoth Sides Now
S AT1  T2  B1  B2 Bridge over Troubled Water
S AT B California Dreamin’
S AT B small groupFeelin’ Groovy
S A1  A2 T  B1  B2 Helplessly Hoping
S A T B Homeward Bound
S A T B soloI ain’t Gonna Study War
S A T B Let It Be
S A T B small groupI’d like to Teach the World to Sing
 S  A T B Scarborough/Sound of Silence
 S1  S2 A T B Teach Your Children
 S A T B This Land is Your Land
 S A T B Turn! Turn! Turn!
 S A T B The Water is Wide
     We Shall Overcome
 S A T B Where Have all the Flowers Gone

2015 Holiday Concert

 O Oriens
  1. S1      S2
 A       Split T  B     B1     B2 
 Blessed Son of God SA TB  
 Lo, How  a RoseSA T B 
 There Is No Rose (Smith)SATB  
 Sparrow’s CarolSA TB  
 Twelve Days of Christmas

         (converted from midi                   files by Rick)

(Please note: to emphasize your voice part adjust the balance of your speakers 

S1   S2 A1   A2 T1   T2 B1   B2 All voices


 A Boy Is Born S TB 
 A Little Child There Is BornS 
A T B 
 God Rest You T B 
 No Sad Thoughts SA  T                     B 
 Starry Night S1   S2   pg60 A1   A2   pg60 T1   T2   pg60B1   B2   pg60 
 Rejoice and Sing S
 ATB      B1 pg80-end  
 Nowell NowellST 
 There is No Rose (Chilcott) SAlto   A1   A2  T 
 Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing DayS1   S2    
 This Is the Truth


A  T B 
 Christmas Is ComingS 
 A T B 

2016 Holiday Concert

All tracks are now mp3’s.  So (I hope) you should all be able to listen to them, without  any other fancy stuff.  (Drop me an email if something doesn’t work, or if you have questions.   Rick)

Blasts of Chill Dec.SATB 
Oh What a Wonderful ChildSA1  A2TB 
Lullee, LullaiSATB 
Huron CarolSATB 
Go Tell ItSATB 
Have Yourself S A1  A2  T B 
 I’ll Be HomeSA T B  
 It’s the mostS A T B 
 Ave MariaS1   S2A1   A2T1   T2   T3B1   B2   B3ALL
 O Nata LuxS1   S2A1   A2T1   T2B1   B2ALL 
 Lux ArumqueS1   S2   SbothA1   A2   AbothT1   T2  Tboth B1   B2   BbothALL   MMS
 Noel (men)  T1   T2   Tboth B1   B2   Bboth MMS 
 O Magnum MysteriumS1   S2A1   A2         T1   T2B1   B2ALL   MMS 
 Christmas Love songSATB 
 Triptych 1  S AT B Performance 
 Tryptych 2 S  A T B  Solo   Performance
 Triptych 3S A T B Performance 
 Santa Claus S AT1  T2B1  B2  B1&2Piano all parts    MIDI file  (download, then use MIDIPlay to hear what you want)
 Twelve DaysSA TB  
 Winter WonderlandSA TB  
 Children GoSA TB  
 Dou VienS   S2A TB  
 Mary had a BabyS A  TB  
Rise UpSA TBDescant
Simple GloriaSATB 
White ChristmasSATB 


2017 Holiday Concert

  Soprano Alto Tenor BassLinks
Oseh Shalom               HebrewS1   S2A1   A2TB 
Al Hanissim                  HebrewSATB 
Puer Natus EstS1   S2A1   A2T1   T2B1   B2 Full performance
Hanukah Fantasy   (text is below))SATB 
Set Me As a SealSATB 
 Borukh ate (with text!) S A T B Full performance
 A Chanukah Carol       Hebrew S A T B 
 Fayer                           Yiddish S A T B Full Performance
O Ir Kleine  Here is a link to a recording for the textSATB 
Hanukah Fantasy Hebrew   Dreidel     Maoz TsurJerusalem v.1v.2v.3Chorus 
Light One Candle    
Peter Paul and Mary’s performance recording

Recording of our arrangement (DeCormier)


I’ll Be Home for ChristmasSATB


Bach b minor Mass

Not currently available

Handel Messiah

Rehearsal mp3’s Messiah

Click here for a website with Rehearsal tracks of the Messiah.  If you wish to save files to your computer, try right clicking on the title.  You should see “save link as …”  You can then name it and save it as you wish.  

For a different style of rehearsal recordings, click here.  You will hear the voices and text synthesized.  (Interesting and a bit weird …)  Your choice!

Mozart Great Mass in C 

Not currently available